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Fast, Accurate Liver Scan


Reliable Results

VelacurTM is a portable, handheld ultrasound that integrates machine learning to enhance image guidance, resulting in a confident assessment of liver health in all body types. It generates immediate and reliable steatosis and fibrosis measurements at point of care with diagnostic accuracy comparable to MRI. Sonic Incytes’ multiple clinical studies demonstrated consistent high correlation to MRI for measuring steatosis and fibrosis.


Comparable to MRI

Using technology similar to MRI elastography, VelacurTM stages fibrosis using 3D liver tissue sampling. While transient and ultrasound elastography use a handheld probe to create shear waves, Sonic Incytes’ solution goes beyond the conventional approach. With the addition of our external activation pad, VelacurTM creates the same steady state waves used in MRI elastography, providing MRI-equivalent measurements for distinguishing areas of fibrosis in the body. Moreover, the use of multiple frequencies provides a more accurate measurement over traditional 2D MRI elastography, which is often used in assessing liver disease.


Our state-of-the-art technology offers the following advantages over transient or ultrasound elastography:

Deeper tissue measurement

Larger tissue sampling

3D data acquisition

Single probe for all body types

Fewer readings required by user

Machine-learning enhanced image guidance

More comfort, avoiding excess heat at the probe-skin interface

Technology with purpose

The ease with which our technology delivers these precise health insights empowers the medical community to improve patient care.
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