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Sonic Incytes is redefining the standard of care in quantifying chronic liver disease.


Sonic Incytes

We’ve made it our mission to enable routine assessment and management of liver health, with diagnostic accuracy you can count on.


Handheld Solution

Our proprietary technology uses steady state waves, the same used by MRI elastography, to quantify liver disease, paving the way for a non-invasive, low-cost and scalable solution to assess and manage millions of patients.

A Better Tool

for Physicians

We deliver a confident assessment of liver health in all body types, with diagnostic accuracy comparable to MRI – in the palm of your hand.


Patient Care

VelacurTM has been designed with patients in mind. It’s comfortable, quick and allows you to manage your liver health on an ongoing basis.


Interested in redefining the standard of care in quantifying fatty liver disease?

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