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Your Liver

Your liver is essential for your life.

This critical organ can be damaged with excess fat, leading to liver inflammation, scarring and eventually failure. Due to greater consumption of sugar and fatty foods in our diets, fatty liver disease is on the rise.

Millions of people around the world have fatty liver disease and don’t realize it because they may not have symptoms early on.

Early Detection

The good news is that if detected early, fatty liver disease can be stopped from progressing and potentially reversed, protecting the health of your liver.

Those who are obese and/or diabetic – or at risk of these conditions – would benefit greatly from early disease detection to live longer, healthier lives.


Fatty liver disease is formally known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). It tends to develop in people who are overweight or have diabetes, leading to excess fat in the liver.


Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) is NAFLD’s most severe form, causing chronic liver inflammation and accumulation of tissue scarring (fibrosis). It leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer, which can only be treated by liver transplant.


Other Chronic Liver Diseases

VelacurTM can also be used to assess and manage other chronic liver diseases, resulting from viral infections, autoimmune disorders, metabolic diseases or excessive alcohol consumption.

Like fatty liver disease, viral and autoimmune hepatitis are “silent” diseases of the liver. They show no symptoms until your liver is severely damaged, making it vital for early disease detection to limit progression and protect the health of your liver.

Liver Tissue
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Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) are two of the most common forms of viral hepatitis. These viruses are contagious and often transmitted without one’s knowledge, making people unaware of their condition.


Autoimmune hepatitis is a non-infectious disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the liver, whereby the body’s own immune system attacks the liver. The cause of this disease is unknown and there is no cure.


Hear one patient’s experience with being diagnosed with liver disease, and how our solution compares to other options.

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Designed For Patients


There are a variety of medical procedures that can be used to detect fatty liver disease, the fastest growing segment of chronic liver diseases. However, only biopsy and MRI are definitive, but cannot be performed routinely because they are invasive, expensive and inconvenient.

What can patients do? Sonic Incytes has developed a solution with the patient in

VelacurTM is ultrasound-based, offering a comfortable, safe and convenient experience. It only takes five minutes to perform in your doctor’s office and you’ll receive immediate results, providing you with peace of mind.

Learn more about how you can monitor your liver health with VelacurTM.

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Volunteers Welcome

Today’s healthcare innovations are made possible thanks to people who have participated in clinical research.

Are you curious to learn about your liver health or wanting to better understand your liver disease? We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our clinical research to further validate and refine our medical technology.

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