Sonic Incytes Announces Velacur™️ use in Madrigal Pharmaceuticals’ Open-Label Extension Clinical Trial

Sonic Incytes Medical Corp. is pleased to announce the inclusion of Velacur™️ — the first handheld 3D liver health assessment tool—in a subset of Madrigal Pharmaceutical’s MAESTRO NAFLD-1 Phase 3 Open Label Extension study of resmetirom (MGL-3196-18). As part of this Madrigal study, a subset of patients will undergo VelacurTM imaging at baseline (Day 1), Week 16 and Week 52, to evaluate their liver stiffness and attenuation. Resmetirom is a once daily oral, liver-directed, selective thyroid hormone receptor (THR)-β agonist, currently in clinical development for the treatment of patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).

Velacur™️ is a novel, ultrasound-based solution used to measure liver stiffness and attenuation (surrogates for fibrosis and steatosis, respectively) through a 3D ultrasound volume and captured using a traditional abdominal ultrasound probe.

“While a number of invasive and non-invasive tests exist to aid in the clinical management of patients with chronic liver disease, all have limitations that impede widespread use, a significant issue given the prevalence of this disease,” explains Barry Allen, CEO of Sonic Incytes. “Velacur™️ was designed to combat this problem by providing a tool with technology similar to MRI elastography in a portable handheld system that can be used by any health professional.”

Velacur™️ integrates the principles of multi-frequency MRI into state-of-the-art handheld ultrasound to quantify liver stiffness and attenuation at point of care. Sonic Incytes believes this non-invasive test provides an accurate, accessible, and affordable office-based solution that can be used in conjunction with other clinical indicators to aid in the management of patients with chronic liver disease.

About Sonic Incytes Medical Corp.

Sonic Incytes believes in creating accessible and affordable health-tech solutions that provide insights to improve patient care. Recognizing the rise of chronic liver disease, Sonic Incytes is on a mission to make liver health a new vital sign.  Its novel, point of care ultrasound solution, Velacur™️, is redefining the standard of care in quantifying liver tissue stiffness and attenuation to aid in the clinical management of patients with chronic liver disease.

Founded in 2017, Sonic Incytes is a health technology company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and

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