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VelacurTM AI Powered Liver Guide Accurately Identifies Liver Tissue, Improving Measurement Accuracy of Liver Disease

Sonic Incytes Medical Corp. is pleased to announce that new data pertaining to VelacurTM’s Liver Guide was presented during the NASH-TAG Conference, hosted January 6-8, 2022. Data shows that Velacur’s new AI powered Liver Guide provides accurate guidance to non-expert users on where the liver is located, increasing measurement accuracy of liver disease.

Velacur™ is the first handheld 3D liver health assessment solution that can be performed by any medical practitioner as it offers an ultrasound image of the liver and a new AI powered Liver Guide. This guide is a machine learning based algorithm that automatically segments the liver from surrounding tissue and acts as an assistant for image interpretation, providing visual guidance to new users on where to position the ultrasound probe to collect the best data.

“This unique feature gives medical assistants, nurse practitioners and others an upper hand in easily screening patients for liver disease,” explains Barry J. Allen, CEO of Sonic Incytes Medical Corp. “Velacur™ is revolutionizing how liver health is assessed by increasing accuracy and accessibility – currently an unmet need when it comes to addressing the burgeoning fatty liver disease crisis.”

The algorithm for this Liver Guide was created through almost 10,000 ultrasound images collected during a clinical trial sponsored by Sonic Incytes. In each image, the liver was manually segmented by one of three expert users, which were then reviewed by the lead expert for quality assurance and overall consistency. The Liver Guide performed well when graded against expert expectations.

Sonic Incytes’ poster presentation, “Accuracy of VelacurTM AI Powered Liver Guide in Identification of Liver” is available for download at