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The rise of fatty liver disease is an emerging health crisis, resulting in chronic illness for millions of people and escalating healthcare costs. Definitive diagnostic tools for this disease are limited to biopsy and MRI, and are expensive, invasive and time-consuming.

To address this crisis, physicians need a better tool to assess and manage disease.

VelacurTM is a point of care solution that provides consistently accurate results, and a clear picture of liver health in real time, so you can be confident in your diagnosis, treatment and care. Here are answers to your frequently asked questions.


VelacurTM is well positioned to become the preferred assessment tool:

State-of-the-art technology provides a more accurate and reliable clinical assessment compared to transient and ultrasound elastography.

Payer pre-authorization is not required, allowing for a same-day procedure with immediate results, increasing practice efficiency and improved patient management.

It can be adopted in any practice with minimal upfront investment and provides a potential new revenue stream for physicians.


The procedure is quick, comfortable and non-invasive.
The activation, ultrasound scan and readout can be performed in as little as five minutes.

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Understanding and optimizing a physician’s experience with our diagnostic solution is fundamental to our success. Our Early Access Program provides physicians first-hand experience with VelacurTM for various clinical indications and practice settings. In return, participating physicians provide us with valuable feedback for ongoing product refinement.

If interested in the Early Access Program, please contact us.


We’re proud to collaborate with key centers of clinical excellence in chronic liver disease in North America to evaluate our solution.

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In the U.S, 1 in 3 adults have or are at risk of fatty liver disease.

Find out about this disease and how VelacurTM can help you.
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