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From primary to outpatient care, it is currently difficult for physicians to assess and monitor those at-risk for and with fatty liver disease. Physicians need a better tool to assess millions of patients for this disease, and Sonic Incytes offers a convenient, comfortable and accessible solution for this need.

Sonic Incytes partners with medical care and research centers to determine the utility of VelacurTM in various patient populations, and how it can be better integrated into various clinical settings.

Improving Pharma

Clinical Trials

For companies looking to treat fatty liver disease with new drugs, Sonic Incytes provides added value with a timely and reliable diagnostic tool.

Pharma can rely on VelacurTM for better patient qualification, monitoring and management in clinical trials. Not only does this create efficiencies in recruiting patients, but you can also validate drug efficacy in a cost-effective manner.

Reducing Payer Risks

and Costs

For payers looking to reduce the growing costs associated with the increased prevalence of fatty liver disease, Sonic Incytes provides a reliable, cost-effective and scalable solution.

We are helping them assess disease prevalence in insured populations and mitigate future costs through early intervention. VelacurTM provides a practical and reliable way to assess people before the onset of advanced disease.

The team has cultivated strong relationships with local and global centers of excellence in medical care and clinical research, pharmaceutical companies, and payers to tailor our technology for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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